ECCITE event in Berlijn op 8 en 9 oktober 2020, online & offline!

Een actieve conferentie over “the gap” tussen school, studie en werk, Hbo en Mbo in heel Europa. ECCITE is European Collaboration of Creative Institues for Transition Education.

-> LET OP: Ronde Tafel ZOOM overleg op donderdag 8 oktober 2020 om 18:00 uur!

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No 17
08/10/2020, Berlijn, Ernst Litfass Schule

Mind The Gap!

The ‘Gap’ is ever present between school and further study, education and employment, academic and vocational across the European community. This event seeks to initiate an examination of these gaps and how creative education identifies, engages with and bridges these points of difference.
Mind The Gap! Comes at a time of significant change and upheaval in Europe how should and could creative learning respond to this?
This event will bring together representatives of creative organisations involved in education and learning at various levels form across Europe. Leaders, teachers, trainees are invited to participate in this inaugural event by ECCITE.
ECCITE is the European Collaboration of Creative Institutes for Transition Education initiated by three leading creative institutions, Plymouth College of Art, Ernst-Litfaß-Schule (Berlin) and the Royal Academy of Art The Hague.
ECCITE seeks to bring together leaders, practitioners and educators whose focus is transition learning. This may be between school and higher education, between school and employment, between school & society, between vocational education and general education for the creative industries.
Through this network the purpose is to engage with education in the 21st century through knowledge exchange, development of international understanding and platform to collaborate on innovative & sustainable responses to issues identified.

Where? Berlin, Ernst-Litfaß-Schule OF online: registreer via de website voor 18 september 2020.

When? 8th-9th October 2020

Who? All representatives of institutions of creative learning internationally looking for an active participation in an event exploring transition education: Deans, Directors and Decision makers Teachers & subject leads/coordinators Teacher trainers Teacher Trainees (application process) Student representatives

What to expect: An interactive conference eventin a bustling vocational school Keynotes, workshops, best practice and active discussions Catering Optional cultural program 10th October Cost of participation FREE
We are looking for: Participants not spectators Active engagement Examples of best practice (mention this in your pre registration)

What not to expect: Compensation for travel expenses Lodging

Forward this ‘Save the Date’ to anyone interested! ERASMUS+ support may be provided if you have a registered ERASMUS+ staff mobility project. We can issue a certificate of participation. For more information consult your Erasmus+ National Agency Further details to be published on soon A co curated event by the ECCITE (Plymouth College of Art, Litfass Schule and the Royal Academy of Art The Hague).